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What's in a name?
2 November
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I rarely update; but observe frequently.
agnosticism, akeboshi, akira kurosawa, american nightmare, anime, aphex twin, art, astronomy, atkins, being spontaneous, ben folds five, big buildings, black flag, boris, business, cars, cell phones, chiaki kuriyama, comedy, computers, cosmetology, court tv, cute things, ddr, deftones, discussions, do as infinity, dogs, donnie darko, drawing, dreams, dredg, eisley, exercise, existentialism, explosions in the sky, fashion, fatal frame, fight club, german, graphic design, guitars, hanging out with friends, having fun, hayao miyazaki, history, hockey, horror movies, hugs, hysteria, ice skating!, imperfections, in flames, japan, japanese cinema, japanese culture, ji-woon kim, joe hisaishi, just because, katamari demacy, katatonia, kimya dawson, korean, ladytron, learning new things, linguistics, lost highway, love, malls, mau maus, meijer, memento, michigan state university, movies, music, music!, my pillow, mythology, nature, night, nine inch nails, opeth, parodius, philosophy, photography, pink floyd, porcupine tree, psychology, pulp fiction, radiohead, rage against the machine, rain, researching, russian, shopping, sigh, sigur rós, silverchair, smashing pumpkins, smiling, soilwork, spanish, spirited away, street fighter, studying, subway, swedish metal, takashi miike, takashi shimizu, takeshi kitano, taking walks at night, taoism, the brilliant green, the internet, the microphones, the moon, the shins, the stars, the universe, tokyo, truths, vashti bunyan, video games, walking, wikipedia, wind, wolves, writing, x japan, xenogears, xiu xiu, yasunori mitsuda

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