What's in a name? (brena) wrote,
What's in a name?

Ghost town

Does anyone ever use this site anymore? I've been thinking about you, thinking about all my old friends that may have been far away but were still very dear to me. I'm sorry I haven't been the best friend over the years. Always disappearing, confused and contradicting what I want or needed. I really did and still do have something wrong with me, however it doesn't make me miss my old friends any less. I know everyone has moved on with their lives and will probably never read this, or find themselves reminiscing the way that I am here, but I truly am sorry. It's pretty pathetic that I'm so sad about how I've lost contact with you over the years, because I was just in need of love so badly I kept looking for it in all the wrong places. I kept unintentionally ignoring people that were very dear to me, due to my own selfish reasons. I hope one day you, or anyone else I ever hurt, will forgive me. It may be too little too late. I really just wanted you to know that you were my best friend, and will always be dear to me no matter where our paths ultimately end up leading.
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