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Livejournal fun.

Wow, haven't updated this in a long time (this is usually how I start a post here). A lot of things have happened, naturally. Maybe I'll share some of those things later. I just wanted to stop by and say hi to everyone that is still my LJ friend even after so long of a hiatus. I went back to work full time and things are very busy. Of course I haven't forgotten you guys, I'm just occupied once again with what life is throwing my way. Those who know me can ascertain that I pretty much have the worst luck in the universe. Not really, though. Just very bad luck. Oh, as an update to my bad luck; my Trans-am's t-top blew off yesterday on my way to work (on the freeway), and made it's dooming way right onto the hood of a Delta pilot's BMW 650CIC who also was heading to work. Smashed the hood of his car and broke his windshield. Luckily the guy was ok. Sigh. Maybe I'll update more later, but for now it's back to work!
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